Expedition Impossible: Camel Chaos

Another installment of Expedition Impossible, another set of camels. Temperamental animals, camels seem to be. Probably because they’re tired of carrying people around. It seems as though if you don’t mount the camel within 4.2 seconds, the camel throws you off. And possibly kicks you as you fall to the ground. Half the people ended up walking their camels, and based on the way one of the girls from Team Kansas got thrown AND STEPPED ON, I’d say walking the camel was the safer option.

After completing the camel journey, teams had to create a raft to cross a river – that gave the Country Boys a big leg up, as they built their raft quicker than the Gypsies and the Football Players, who were also at the front of the pack. After a lot of paddling and trekking, teams had to spend the night at a camp. I have to say, I don’t really like how easy it is for the playing field to be leveled in this game. It seems like being at the front of the pack doesn’t really get you much. The Gypsies and the Country Boys checked into the overnight camp first, both teams at the same time.

At the back of the pack, we had Grandpa’s Warriors and the California Girls, and the girls weren’t happy to lose to an old man. The old man and his family got a second wind, though, and they even passed poor Team Kansas. (You had to feel sorry for the girl who got trampled by a camel.) The two all-girl teams decided to check in to the overnight camp together since no one would be getting eliminated.

The next morning was even tougher since the teams were dealing with a brutal wind. While there are some things I don’t love about this show, I can’t deny that it looks incredibly difficult and I like that. The sandstorms looked pretty intense. When teams arrived at their first destination, they had to wrap a scroll around a pole in order to reveal a code for a combination lock. It was harder than it looked, and everyone caught up to the lead teams. Shockingly, the Country Boys were the first team to crack the code.

One by one everyone moved on, leaving the Fishermen behind. They were “wicked bummed out” to lose to a bunch of girls. So, they’re not my favorite team. Next, teams had to choose between trekking a shorter route over a difficult mountain, or a longer but easier route. The Kansas Girls chose the mountain, which meant Mackenzie got to whine about her bloody (literally) feet some more. Sorry, but when your sister gets trampled by a camel you really have no business crying over a couple blisters.

When all was said and done, the Gypsies pulled out their third consecutive first place finish. They were followed by No Limits, the Country Boys, the Football Players, Fab 3, the New York Fireman, the California Girls and the Cops.

That left Team Kansas, Grandpa’s Warriors and the Fisherman. Team Kansas was struggling, and Mackenzie reminded us about her feet a couple times, but their decision to go the mountain route paid off and they ended up in ninth place. Next came the Fisherman, and I was kind of hoping they’d be the team to be eliminated. At least they were beaten out by the girls, though.

That meant Grandpa’s Warriors was eliminated. Sadly, it wasn’t the fault of Grandpa – it was the littlest warrior who seemed to drag the team down. For reals, you had to be impressed by the sixty-nine year-old – he was impressive.

As Expedition Impossible progresses, I’m getting more and more into it and am starting to have favorite and least favorite teams. Are you still watching? Do you think the Gypsies are unbeatable or could one of the other strong teams overtake them?



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