Fall TV!

I love summer. I love hot weather. I love the beach, ice cream, picnics, bike rides and many other wonderful summer things. And it’s been a great summer. But I miss TV.

Which is why, even though it is with a tear in my eye that I remember that at some point I’ll have to put away my sandals, shorts and swim suits, I am very, very excited for fall TV.

To make things easier for me, and for you, I’ve made a calendar for when all my favorite shows are returning! Most shows aren’t on here – just the ones I plan on watching and writing about.

As you can see, the shows I am planning on watching and writing about this fall are The Amazing Race, Dexter, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Parenthood, Glee, America’s Next Top Model, Survivor, The Apprentice, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Big Bang Theory.

But that’s not all. There are some new shows premiering this fall that I’m interested in checking out. I’m excited about No Ordinary Family, and though I’ve heard bad things about Outsourced I plan on giving it a shot. I’m also considering trying out Mike & Molly and Hawaii Five-O.

What about you – which shows are you excited to see return, and which new shows do you plan on checking out?

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