Fast food & small plates

Day 4 of my trip to NYC started with a headache and a hangover. After our late night and subsequent late morning, big sis and I crawled out of bed and hauled our water-deprived selves down to 100th & B’way for a good feed of grease. The Metro is Angie’s local diner, and spot of choice when in such a state of dis-equilibrium as we were. Insert sheepish face here…

Now, I don’t have to tell you how good a greasy bfast looks when all you’ve got swishing around in your stomach is sweet champagne…and vodka…and Redbull… This was pretty standard; two eggs, bacon, toast, substitute fries for hashbrowns, toast, and the NY staple, grape jelly!

After our feed we managed to mosey to CP to spend the day lounging in the sun. We suntanned for awhile, then moved to the shade for naptime. Now, the problem with me and a hangover is that nothing satisfies me. I will eat all day long...Pretty soon, our stomachs were growling again and we headed over to The Shake Shack.

The Shake Shack was on my list of spots to hit since Saveur Magazine’s Jenni Avins voted their burgers one of the Best Burgers in the US. We got sodas and crinkle fries and the most delish fast-food cheeseburger that I’ve ever tasted. The Shack’s burgers are 4 oz. patties of beef, ground fresh daily, and cooked medium. Juicy and tender, just one bite of this burger had me practically on the floor. Simply dressed with cheese, ketchup, mustard and far too much mayo for one person to consume, the patty was nestled within a soft, buttery bun.


This is what ‘With Bite’ is all about; delicious food, with some serious attitude…

After our religious experience, we trotted down to Columbus Circle for the antithesis of a ‘power shop’. Actually, it was definetly the most unmotivated shopping experience of my life. It was hot and we were lazy. So what does one eat in the blistering heat? Why, ice cream, of course! I figured that if I was going to spend the whole day eating, I might as well go all out!

I had been searching for an ice cream store the whole day. My hopes were dashed when I discovered that Cold Stone Creamery was closed, but I was filled with delight when I saw the sign for Hagen Dazs!! This bit of Brownie a la Mode was just the thing to fill the last bit of empty space in my stomach. After this bit of sweet, we were pretty much spent and high-tailed it back to the apt. for our customary AC infused 4 pm nap. Man, I sound so lame!

Now, here’s the sad part- dinner. I am ashamed to say that I forgot my camera. This sucked harfcore as the food not only tasted incredible, but looked that way as well. 🙁 We had been heading down to Chelsea to take in a comedy show, but unfortunately, it filled up before we could get in.

We ended up at Tia Pole, a Brazilian tapas bar where the line-up was out the door and the place was abuzz with chatter. We got the last two seats in the house; barstools at the corner bar and ordered some Sangria.

To start, we shared one of the daily specials; heirloom tomato salad with goat cheese and toasted pine nuts. Sweet, thick wedges of tomatoes in a rainbow of hues were dressed simply with a pungent goat cheese drizzle and crunchy pine nuts. Next, an order of garbanzos fritos – fried chickpeas – served as the perfect bar snack to munch on as we paused between dishes.

We ordered two more small plates. Angie chose the paquetitos de jamón con alcachofa, little bundles of manchego cheese and artichoke enveloped by serrano ham and baked in the oven just slightly so that the meat was crisp and the cheese was gooey. She then indulged my odd meat & chocolate obsession and we ordered the chorizo con chocolate; small toasts slathered with a warm bittersweet chocolate and thinly sliced spicy palacios chorizo; mmm, salty-sweet!

And so ended another incredible day in Manhattan. We took our time on the way home, checking out the sights in Chelsea. It was an awesome day of lazing and eating- the epitome of a great day on vacay!

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