Faves of ’11: Couchtime’s Own

2011 has almost come to an end, and I’ve been writing a whole slew of year end wrap up posts. I’ve still got a Faves Movies list coming your way (I try to wait as long as possible because all the good movies come out in limited release at the end of the year) as well as a fun post that will let you know what I’m looking forward to in 2012. Today I‘ve got a post for you based on the Google Analytics stats for the blog. Now, there’s a necessary disclaimer here: Most hits are just for the blog in general, not individual posts – so these lists aren’t entirely accurate but are just for fun. Capiche? Enjoy!

Most Popular Posts of 2011

1. How I Met Your Mother: Barney and Bride
Here’s a fun fact: People Google HIMYM. A lot. This was a review of last season’s finale, which I really liked, so I’m happy to see it top the list.

2. Game of Thrones: Girls rule, boys duel
I’m shocked that my Game of Thrones posts did so well this year. I started watching the show weeks after everyone else did, it took me about six episodes to really like the show, and I still haven’t learned all the characters’ names. But I’m glad y’all seemed to like them.

3. How I Met Your Mother: Babies, Beercules and Barney
The season six finale topped the list, but reviews of the season seven back-to-back first and second episodes were also quite popular. I think most of you were as psyched as I was to see Victoria back in the picture, albeit briefly.

4. Sweet Home Alabama: No Regrets
Sweet Home Alabama was a show I had a lot of fun writing about this year, so it was great to see the posts do so well. This was the penultimate episode, and you guys had a lot to say about it in the comments and on Twitter.

5. Game of Thrones: Princesses, Ponies and Perplexion
This was my first Game of Thrones post, and I’m shocked that I stuck it out. Reading this review, I’m reminded of how hard I found it to keep watching GoT after finding the first several episodes so dry and convoluted. I’m glad I stuck it out though, and look forward to season two.

6. Game of Thrones: Dungeons and Dragons
The season finale! An episode that left me feeling gratified for forcing myself to watch the seven episodes it took to catch up with the rest of the viewers and finally feel invested in the show.

7. DVD Flashback Friday: Raising Hope
A lot of people had been telling me to watch Raising Hope, so it’s nice to see that y’all actually checked out my review once I jumped on the bandwagon. I just laughed out loud all over again when I saw the picture of baby Hope with garish makeup on.

8. Parenthood: Teenage Nightmare
Ah, Parenthood. A show I love so very much, and this was a fantastic episode. Haddie losing her virginity! Amber’s drug-fueled downward spiral and car accident! Any scene with Lauren Graham! I can’t believe there are only a few more episodes left of Parenthood this season. I need more!

9. Guest Post: Allison Blogs Helen Mirren on SNL
I’m lucky to have a funny friend like Allison who wrote a bunch of great posts in 2011 – her reviews of Saturday Night Live and Big Brother were all fantastic. I think you’ll understand why this one in particular was so popular when you see the popular search terms listed below.

10. Community: Who’s The Boss?
It’s strange that of all the fantastic Community episodes from 2011, this was the one people read the most – but hey, I love the show so I’ll take what I can get.

Top Ten Search Terms

Eliminating things like “Couchtime With Jill”, “Couchtime Blog” and “Jill Mader Blog”, these were the most common ways people found Couchtime through search engines this year.

1. Glee season three
I’m afraid all you’ll find are a bunch of conflicted or disappointed reviews there, my friends.
2.  so you think you can dance
People who find the blog by Googling this are bound to be disappointed – I never did get into the show.
3. Glee
4. Jessica antm cycle 14 couchtime
Still? Really? She was pretty, but it’s time to move on. Allison’s loss in the All-Stars cycle was a much bigger robbery.
5. beercules
Valid Google choice.
6. how I met your mother
7.  raising hope
8. survivor seasons ranked
Here you go.
9. modern family
10. priya big bang theory
I didn’t like her either.

Now, those are just the most common search terms – by digging a little deeper, I found some much funnier and weirder ones.

Favorite Search Terms

1. Helen mirren bikini
A shocking number of people Google this, and many of them find their way to Couchtime.
2. demi lovato scars
Why? Why? I searched for Demi Lovato on my blog. I was impressed with her performance on Grey’s Anatomy. I choose not to engage in conversation about her personal struggles.
3. jill mader couch time goes to Ireland
52 of you found my blog with this exact search term! I’ve never been, but are any of you offering to take me?
4. how I met your mother boring
Sometimes, yes.
5. what does britta’d mean
It means to screw something up, and is derived from the show Community on which a character named Britta has a knack for ruining things. I guess you don’t watch, so I’ll blame you for low viewership.
6.  game of thrones jill mader
Again, I can’t believe any of you want my opinions on this show – but thanks!
7. hot cousin
I have a few, yes.
8. girls wearing stayfree pads photos
EW. Why did NINE people find my blog by Googling this? Is this a weird fetish? Oh god, am I going to get even MORE hits from this now? You people are sick!
9.  james franco personality
Quirky, smart, and probably a little arrogant.
10. does Julie chen wear a wig
I hope not. If so, you’d think her hair would be better. Allison doesn’t have kind things to say about her hair.

That’s it! Cheers for 2012, and stay tuned for more end of year posts!

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Couchtime/~3/GQ-VD3kPi8o/faves-of-11-couchtimes-own.html

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