Favourite Friday: November 12 Edition – Country Song

Ally: I’m toiling away at some work, but thought I would take a break to check in and share with you a magical fashion moment:

Gwyneth Paltrow singing country music. The ankle boots? Yes. Yes, people. Yes.

Last night was the 2010 Country Music Awards. Sadly, I missed them. Seriously, I’m sad. I did catch Taylor Swift’s performance of Back to December on YouTube (Thank Britney Spears for YouTube). Apparently, this song is about Taylor Lautner. Awwww. Cute.

J’adore country music. This is my moment, and it’s my favourites for this Friday. I do wish Taylor would raise the fashion bar though. I’ve said it before, the tendril look is dead to me. How does Jake G deal with this crap?

I have to head back to work, but these videos have made life bearable.

L-A: I too missed the country music awards. I’d like to say that it was on purpose, but I didn’t even know they were happening.  I don’t have much time for country music, but I decided to be a good sport and play along with Ally’s favourite Friday theme. So I googled up that adorable Taylor Swift kid to see if she really is all pretty, romantic tendrils all the time. In addition to knowing way more about her than I ever thought I would, I came to the conclusion that yes, she is all tendrils all the time.

She also seems to be in pretty little cotton dresses all the time. I like a cute cotton dress. I do. But all the time? It’s so sweet it gives you cavities. It’s like she has kitten and unicorn posters on her bedroom wall and bakes cupcakes every morning (I’ve just brought the wrath of Taylor Swift fans down on us, havent’ I?).  As I said, I know way more about her than I thought I would. Which is why I know she’s turning 21. And 21 is when you need to take down the unicorn posters (she can keep baking cupcakes. You’re never too old for cupcakes). So for her birthday, I think we will send her the following:

  1. a box of wine (because she’s now the legal drinking age in the States)
  2. a hair straightener. Or maybe just a note telling her to tone down the tendrils.
  3. red lipstick
  4. an outfit that is slightly more badass. Or at least less kittens and rainbows. I haven’t decided on the outfit yet, so I’ll take suggestions. Maybe this is a time for some polyvore fun.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start listening to country and posting country videos. But I do need to share this video I found of her talking about her ex-boyfriend, one of those Jonas fellows:

I may never be a fan Taylor Swift, but I bet I’d like her if we went for cocktails together.  (you see Taylor Swift fans! We aren’t being mean. Don’t leave angry comments).

And for those of you who aren’t fans of country, here’s your antidote:


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