Favourite Friday – the May 6th edition

L-A: I’m convinced it’s never going to stop raining in Halifax. It’s cold and damp and my hair looks like crap. I need a weather machine like they had on General Hospital back in 1981. Except instead of trying to freeze the world, I will totally turn the sun back on when I need it. Like today.

So, I’ve decided favourite Friday is a free for all time for me to bring up something that’s bugging me. It’s my not at all favourite thing. And that thing is your company’s swag.

your just some embroidery away from telling everyone where you work

You’re either on the same page as me or you wear office swag, so you’ll totally disagree with me and possibly hate me. But I saw two lawyers wearing their work jackets today and it drove me crazy. You are lawyers, not a sports team, so you don’t need matching jackets. Also, I assume that they pay you enough to buy jackets, so you don’t have to wear the free jacket the office gave you…even if it is a nice jacket. (and how did I know they were lawyers? Because of their jackets).

Okay, now let’s talk favourites.

Anthropologie catalogue!

Can they furnish my life already?

And fill my closet with the following:

It also comes in stripes! Be still my heart!

Oh forget it. Heart went into overdrive with this number:

And now for some Ke$ha:

Yeah. I couldn’t actually do Ke$ha. Is it just me, or does that video make you want to go look at Nerd Boyfriend for a few hours?

Ally: I’m already over the Royal Wedding (ok, I’m not, but I’m dealing). Helping me with my withdrawal is news that Kristin Cav is engaged!

Who is Kristin Cav you ask?

LOVE her.

Also my Favourite this week is my new poet dress from Turbine. Pictures to follow once we see what is referred to as “the sun” and once my Oil of Olay self tanner starts to work.

(from Turbine’s Facebook page…”like” it!)

You may have heard Turbine’s creator is heading to Cannes this week to grace the gifting suite. She’ll be posting updates on her blog and Facebook page. I pray she runs in to Ryan Gosling and dishes all about it.

Also purchased my first TOMS of the season! Wedges at that!

These ones to be exact!

Purchased at Biscuit, where they have the most amazing Rocket Dog loafers that sadly don’t fit. Tried on the 8…too tight. Tried on the 8.5…MASSIVE. Eff my narrow feet.





Lastly, speaking of tanning (which I was earlier when mentioning the pasty white legs I have), please take a moment to watch this. El Jeffe and I lost a very close friend to this disease, so I really want to help pass this on to as many people as possible. C’mon people, Snooki tans. Do you want to be Snooki? No. No you don’t. (Full disclosure: I was a total tanning bed freak in my earlier years. Do not recommend.)



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