flying lessons and sensational snapshots

Still coming back to earth. I was struck down with a migraine yesterday and it seems as though I am out of step with my life at the moment. New York was fabulous and so very busy. Now I have to get back on track and focus on the things that will take me to my next adventure.
I have been a bit muddled lately with the flow of my art and business. Too many directions to go in. I found this course a wee while ago and think the inspiration and info is just what I need:) Kelly Rae Roberts is leading this ecourse and so far it has been wonderful! It started on Sunday. Still not too late to join.

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Also, speaking of ecourses….. my Sensational Snapshot Society will be starting up again on June 18 and running for 6 fun weeks. I will write another post about it later in more detail.


A Few Simple Questions For You

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