New York 1

I feel like I have not been around this wee blog much and I miss it:) I am still recovering from New York. Can you believe it? We packed a tremendous amount of activity into one week. Thanks so much for all your great tips. I followed up on many of them and others just could not find the time.

It was Fleet Week while we were there and sailors were everywhere! This place never gets dark, the light changes according to the billboards that light up. This picture of sailors was taken about 11pm.

We stayed right next door to Times Square which I found to be beautiful and busy and bizarre. Our hotel was a quiet oasis from the hubbub. A friend recommended it and what a gem. Every night they lay out a wine and cheese buffet in a small lounge and it was really lovely to come back from a full day, sit and unwind a bit and chat and then head off into the night again. We met some marvelous people.

We walked and walked and walked. Really, you have to go into training to do this city! They say that the average New Yorker walks 10 km a day. Hardly anyone owns a car. Expensive to park and public transit and taxis are so plentiful, there’s no need. I only saw one gas station and that was in Brooklyn. You never know who you will see….Here is Spiderman walking along Fifth Avenue. Talking on the ever popular cellphone. I recognized his voice before I saw him:)

and I leave you with……..the naked shower guy. Taken at Radio City Music Hall, Sex in the City Premier:)

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