Fraser v. Dragon Buffet King Inc. Inquiry Continues

An independent Nova Scotia human rights restorative board of inquiry in the case of Nikita Fraser v. Dragon Buffet King Inc., is scheduled to continue Monday, Dec. 15, in Halifax.

The parties requested assistance from a board chair to determine whether Ms. Fraser’s work hours were reduced by her employer due to her pregnancy.

During the restorative board of inquiry process, parties and witnesses are questioned by the board chair. The process values the restoration of relationships and is structured to provide greater access to justice and allow a comprehensive collection of evidence by the adjudicator.

The free-flowing discussion allows participants to better understand, reflect upon, and gain insight into what happened, and accept responsibility for any harm they may have caused.

The restorative board of inquiry will begin at 9:30 a.m., in the seminar room, Nova Scotia Art Gallery, 1723 Hollis St.

The board chair is Lynn Connors, who is independent of the commission, which is representing the public interest at the board of inquiry.

To learn more about restorative boards of inquiry and the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, visit .

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