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Friday Fav: Bunny Hook @ Kept

Picture Happy Friday!

This holiday season has been busy, and my Christmas gift guides are seriously lacking (sorry!). While out Christmas shopping, I stumbled across this beautiful little bunny hook. Sometimes the smallest little details can speak volumes in a room. This little hook is sitting pretty on the shelves at Kept, a local shop in Downtown Dartmouth. I always love supporting local businesses (I may be biased as I’ve married into a local family business myself), but there is a wonderful feeling that comes along with purchasing local. The money you’ve spent is helping the shop owners, designers, and artists who live in your neighborhoods. You are playing a role in their dreams of success and I can tell you without doubt- they appreciate your support!

This bunny hook is adorable, and can be used in multiple ways. It would be beautiful in a front entry to hang your coat on (it is very sturdy). It would also be beautiful mounted on a wall to hold your prettiest necklaces and scarves, or even mounted adjacent to a window to hold back a curtain. The gold/bronze finish is a perfect accent, and honestly- is there really a cuter hook out there!?

So this holiday season- make sure you don’t forget your local businesses in all of the holiday rush: they are certainly glad to have you stop by!

– Brit Visit KEPT at 75 King Street, or check them out online HERE.

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