Getting Motivated and Staying Motivated

Before last week, I had ZERO motivation to go and workout.  But after noticing some “fluff” appearing around my midsection, I decided to stand on the scale.  What I saw did NOT make me happy.  I saw that I had put on 10lbs in about a month and a half.

I blamed it on my injuries, the stress of starting a new job, travelling, house hunting and everything else I could place the blame on, but really, it simply boiled down to me being lazy and unmotivated.

Along with this, I wasn’t in the mood to cook much at home and therefore I was ordering a lot of take-out or eating at restaurants.  It’s not impossible to eat healthy when doing this but it’s not the easiest, especially if you don’t want to be eating healthy.

It took me putting on 10lbs to get my lazy ass motivated and get back out there and start working out again.    But with this I didn’t just want to start working out again, I wanted to kick my own ass and get my ass kicked and get back in great shape.  I wanted to train and look like I use to.  This is why I challenged myself with “Toned in 21“.

Toned in 21 isn’t a special program that I designed, or a new diet fad that I want you to try, it’s just me challenging myself to hit the gym hard, train hard, eat well and be happy with my results and hard work that I put in.

I’ve been doing Toned in 2” for 7 days kicking my ass, eating well and since starting, I’m down 1.8lbs.  Now THAT’S motivation!

Do you ever find yourself feeling completely unmotivated to eat well and workout?  What do you do to get motivated and stay motivated with your workouts and to keep eating well?


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