Golden Globes Fashion: The Good

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my post on the less-than-fashionable fashions from last night’s Golden Globes red carpet. Luckily, things weren’t all bad. Even though very few of the gowns really blew me away, there were plenty of pretty dresses being worn by pretty people for shallow fashionistas like myself to admire. So let’s talk about what I liked!

Good Try!

I’ve selected ten gowns for my favorites of the evening, but here are some stylish women who came close to making the cut.

Ariel Winter: On anyone other than a 14 year-old girl, I would not approve this dress. But on Ariel I thought it was adorable and fun. The young cast of Modern Family really outdressed the adults this year.
Charlize Theron: I feel like it’s been a while since we saw Charlize on the red carpet, and I was glad to have her back. Her hair and makeup? Stunning. I really liked this dress last night when she was walking the red carpet, but when I saw photos this morning I wasn’t as big a fan. Still, she looked pretty.
Laura Dern: The only thing keeping me from totally loving this dress is the fact that the neckline reminded me of a sweater. But I loved the cut, color and sparkles.
Berenice Bejo: I liked this gown, but I wish Berenice had worn a statement necklace. The dress was rather simple, and without jewelry her chest looked bare.
Debra Messing: I think this might be the best Debra Messing has ever looked – I’m usually not a fan of her red carpet style. I loved her statement earrings, but I was dying to comb her hair.
Mila Kunis: I have a pretty major girl crush on Mila and like her in pretty much everything. This dress was sexy, but a little boring compared to some of her past red carpet looks. 
Kelly MacDonald: The dress? A success. The hair? Looks like she just left the gym. She also needs earrings – or larger ones, if she’s wearing some. 
Stacey Keibler: That’s a lot of pressure, being George Clooney’s new, hot girlfriend that he’ll never marry. Stacy seems up for the challenge. Her dress was a little too Jennifer Lawrence circa Oscars 2011, but she looked statuesque and beautiful. 
Dianna Agron: This was my favorite gown that didn’t make the cut for the top ten. From the waist up, I thought it was stunning. I love Dianna Agron. She’s absolutely beautiful and takes risks on the red carpet, always showing up her more famous co-star Lea Michele. The bodice of this gown had laser-cut swans that made it so original and memorable. However, the ruffles on the skirt were overkill. Had it just been a column bottom, Dianna would have skyrocketed to the top of my best dressed list.
Before I get to the top ten, can we talk about how similar Emily Blunt and Maria Menunous‘s gowns were?
I didn’t get a great look at Emily’s dress, but I’m pretty sure I like both gowns. I wish Emily’s hair looked like it had been combed, though.
The Top Ten
10. Helen Mirren: She always looks good, no?
9. Evan Rachel Wood: Not everyone liked this gown, but I thought she looked like a mermaid. In the best way possible.
8. Salma Hayek: Sofia Vergara, take note.
7. Emma Stone: Yeah, the belt was a little weird. I liked it anyway.
6. Zooey Deschanel: Another one that not everyone liked. Maybe it’s because I just plain love Zooey, but I thought she looked cool.
5. Sarah Hyland: So far in her short career, Sarah Hyland has rocked her red carpet appearances.
4. Jessica Alba: We all know that Jessica Alba only gets invited to these awards shows because she looks so great on the red carpet, right? At least her presence makes more sense than Nicole Richie’s.
3. Claire Danes: I loved three gowns. This was the first, and I loved everything about it.
2. Viola Davis: Viola Davis knows that she has to constantly remind the world that she’s actually good-looking. This gown? On her? Stunning.
1. Angelina Jolie: Hands down, my favorite. Angelina Jolie looked like a real movie star.
So, what did you guys think? Who were your favorites? Let me know in the comments!


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