Graduation Dinner

So…I graduated last month! After seven years in school, three programs switches and a move from NL to NS to go to the Mount, I finally have that parchment hanging on my wall. Wa-hoo!

Anyway, that being said, my graduation was a big deal to the parentals, and they came to Hali to join in the festivities. Clearly, the most important aspect of that day- after convocation- was where we would go for dinner. Well, momma knows best and she said “What about that Warehouse place you’re always talking about?” So that was it, we decided on Brooklyn so that I could intro my fam, to my adopted fam.

There was a nice crew for dins, 8 of us smack in the middle of the resto. A good friend of mine served our table, and did so flawlessly, putting up with the photos and all. Normally I go into a spew about BK, but instead, I thought I’d do a montage of the meals so that you can see for yourself what the food is like…You’ll just have to take my word about the amazing taste.

* I’d like to thank all in attendance for patiently waiting while I fixed the lighting and took 37374 photos of their meals before digging in! I apologize for the inconsistent shots- my camera died and I had to resort to taking photos on my BBerry!

seared Atlantic scallops, house-cured pork belly,
hoisin sauteed veg & mustard greens

Grape Leaves
stuffed w/ chevre, mint & basil
w/ tomato, arugula and halloumi salad

Moussaka Stack
potato & celeriac rosti, grilled zucchini, tomato & eggplant,
tomato sauce & melted buffalo mozzarella

Steak & Champs
NY Striploin w/ buttermilk champ potatoes,
mushroom & malbec reduction

Pork Risotto
grilled Oulton’s pork chop, pear & sage risotto,
apple & bourbon reduction

Lamb Shank
braised NS lamb, crispy saege polenta,
roasted root veg & red wine jus

Crispy Trout
Andean rainbow trout, olive oil and arugula smashed potatoes
& pomegranate molasses

Big thanks, and xoxo to the crew at Brooklyn for making such an important night one to remeber!

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