Great finds online

Here’s one of the blogs I follow from time to time….

It’s called GUFF ( and there is something that keeps me coming back to browse again and again.

They’re a used furniture store loaded with great stuff. In the mix you’ll find interesting vintage finds, mid-century modern classics, re-purposed industrial pieces, and much more! (

Perhaps it’s because it’s just so simple…a tool that the owners of “a second-hand”store use to showcase a new, interesting arrival. Perhaps it’s because there is something new posted almost every day…and to me, that feels like it must be an exciting place.

Like I’d like to just go and hang out there for a few days to catch all the action — interesting pieces coming in the door, wondering about the crazy stories and history that comes with them, the great deals to be had if your timing is just right…
If it was located closer (it’s on Queen Street East in Toronto), it would inspire me to jump in the car and scoop up some fabulous deals!

For now though, it inspires me in other ways. Vintage, teak, Danish mod….ahhhh, so fun to look at and such cool designs!

And an excellent reminder that good, solid pieces are indeed beautiful and can stand the test of time.

Happy browsing!

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