Grey’s Anatomy – Fail.

Grey’s Anatomy – Fail. You guys, how is it possible to simultaneously love and hate an episode so much? That’s how I feel about “Let The Bad Times Roll”. We knew from the preview last week that one of the Seattle Grace docs would fail the boards, and I knew that I’d likely be disappointed no matter who it was.

It turns out that Alex wouldn’t automatically fail the boards. There would be three sessions, and you had to pass two – Alex missed one, so that meant he could still pace if he aced the two he showed up for. And the next test? Not until June of next year.

When all was said and done, I could see any of the Seattle Grace gang failing.


Cristina’s arrogance was biting her in the butt during her exam, as all her answers were deemed too risky by her traditional, ancient experienced examiner.


Meredith puked during her sessions, more than once.

Grey’s Anatomy – Fail.

He’s pretty when he’s angry.

Avery was doing well, until his mother got into his head. I mean, finding out your mom is sleeping with someone who is practically your boss is one thing. Hearing her flirtatious laugh in the room next door during the most important exam of your life? That’s torture.




Not only did Alex miss his first session, but he kept insisting that it was for an admirable reason. He yelled, and then yelled more when they mispronounced his name.

Grey’s Anatomy – Fail.

Who needs Jesus when you have an Avery?

But poor April was the biggest mess, both in her exams and as a character on the show. I absolutely hate this “I broke my promise to Jesus” crap, it came way too much out of left field. Even if she’s been hiding her religion for years. You know what I want more of? I want more of April and Avery having hot sex in the washroom. That’s what I want.

Not only was April a nervous, sweaty mess during one of her sessions (and that was before the sex) and wouldn’t let a past question go, but she rambled on about religion and Jesus and even admitted to having pre-marital sex with a close friend in a public washroom in between her boards sessions TO HER EXAMINERS.

Yikes. So, because of all that, I wasn’t shocked when we found out that April is the one who failed her boards. I was just disappointed.

I guess, in a way, she was being set up for the failure. She was Chief Resident and was being wooed by hospitals almost as much as Cristina has been. And sleeping with Avery made her an absolute wreck. But I wish they hadn’t done this to her character. April’s unlikable phase was when we first met her, and she’s come such a long way. Why did she have to take this incredibly annoying turn? Why can’t she be having hot sex in the on-call room like everyone else? Doesn’t she deserve that?


Oh, there was also some dramz back at the hospital this week. Sloan’s pretty redhead girlfriend wants to have a baby with him, and I think he should do it because I’m way over Lexie. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see what his decision is there. And Arizona is sad because her hippie childhood friend didn’t come and get his cancer treated, like a selfish jerk. And I laughed at Bailey trying to woo doctors who were more concerned with parking spaces and cafeteria food than research and OR time.

But really, I’m just mad about April. What did y’all think of the episode?

Grey’s Anatomy – Fail. Grey’s Anatomy – Fail. Grey’s Anatomy – Fail.


Weekend Wrap-up: May 5-6

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