Grey’s Anatomy: Hostile Environments

“Biology sucks sometimes.” That it does, Meredith Grey. At the beginning of Grey’s Anatomy this week, we learned that Mer’s miscarriage may not have been caused solely by the psycho killer with a gun rampaging Seattle Grace last season. Apparently she has a hostile uterus. That means she could have trouble conceiving or miscarry again. Derek’s reaction of “Think of all the fun we’ll have trying” [to conceive] was a little to lighthearted for me. That’s bad news, Derek! Stop being so happy-go-lucky! You “have fun trying” when you attempt to do a trick on your skateboard and scrape your knee every time. You do not relish in the fun you’ll have knowing that it could result in another miscarriage. OK. End of rant. 
Meredith’s uterus wasn’t the only hostile environment, though. There was her house, where Lexie’s jealousy over April was reaching a boiling point. There was Callie’s house, where Arizona’s annoyance with Mark was reaching a boiling point. And there was the hospital, where Cristina was abandoning her talent while Avery was trying to skate by on his looks.
I have officially decided that I like April. She’s the new Izzie. She lightens the mood when Meredith and Cristina get all twisty and she’s sweet like Izzie, but hasn’t been as much of a pushover lately. And I like how she gets under Lexie’s skin. My favorite line of the night was when Cristina responded to Lexie whining about how annoying April is with “Really? I find you more annoying.” I really like the new friendship between April and Meredith, but I was also really touched when Meredith told Lexie that she’d been at her bedside the whole time she was in psych, and that she wasn’t crazy – she’s a Grey.
Cristina seemed to be making baby steps in getting over her PTSD, with some help from her medical case of the week – a guy who was willing to risk his life to save his really, really gross research that involved ingesting worms. She also bought a house with Owen, and it has a fireman’s pole. Once it’s fixed up, it might even be cooler than Meredith’s house, which I’ve always loved. 
The other two medical stories this week were pretty good. I loved the dancer kid who opted for a risky surgery over having his leg amputated. The older woman who drove her car into a laundromat because she was furious with her ex-husband didn’t do much for me – I actually laughed when I realized she thought April and Lexie were legally obligated to protect all her secrets – but the injured innocent bystander who had Huntington’s was really interesting. She had great chemistry with Meredith, and I didn’t make the connection between her illness and Meredith’s chance of inheriting Alzheimer’s until Mer asked for the test. 
Callie spent most of the episode trying to convince Arizona that she should give Mark a chance even though he always stares at her boobs. It was Alex who gave her the final shove she needed though. He showed his sweet side, telling her how Mark risked his own life to save Alex’s even though Alex was sleeping with Lexie. And then he was back to his normal self, telling her that she shouldn’t be offended by Mark looking at her boobs because they’re awesome boobs, and Alex stares at them too. It was very Barney Stinson. I would kind of like to see Arizona and Mark become friends since they’re such opposites. 
I love Avery (and not just for his dreamy eyes – he makes some good jokes, too) so I hope he gets his act together. I want him to be a good doctor, and his attempt to flirt with Teddy to get surgery time was way too obvious. And I want more scenes where he’s not wearing a shirt. And yeah, I know these requests counteract each other.
What did you think of Grey’s? Did Cristina make a teensy bit of a breakthrough? How long before she’s officially back? And is April growing on you even a little? Sound off below!

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