Halifax Metro Transit Schedule Changes Starting End of August 2009

Halifax Metro Transit released a preview of upcoming bus schedule changes that will come into effect between Sunday August 30, and Saturday September 5.

  • Monday-Friday: Bus frequency increased to every 10 minutes until mid afternoon. A new trip has been added, and other trip times adjusted, from Sportsplex between 5:30pm and 7pm.
  • Saturday: Many stop times have been adjusted up to 5 minutes.

Route 16 (PARKLAND)

  • Saturday service has been added between 6:04am and 9:10pm. Trips will run every half hour.


  • Saturdays: Bus will arrive at Saint Mary’s University 2 minutes earlier.

Route 19 (GREYSTONE)

  • Monday-Friday: A new trip has been added to start of day, leaving Mumford at 5:43am, and leaving Greystone at 6am.

Route 33 (TANTALLON)

  • Monday-Friday: 5:22pm trip from Tantallon to Lacewood terminal will run 4-5 minutes later.


  • Bus will return to service Monday August 31.


  • Bus will return to service Monday August 31.

Route 59 (COLBY)

  • Monday-Saturday: Minor changes to a number of stop times.


  • Monday-Friday: Minor changes to a number of stop times.
  • Saturday: New trip leaving Ocean View Manor at 8:43am, and arriving at Bridge Terminal at 9:13am.

Route 66 (PENHORN)

  • Monday-Friday: Trip frequency increased to once every half hour between 11am and 4pm. Evening buses will now start trips in Sackville, Bedford, Burnside, instead of Highfield Terminal, with last trip leaving Sackville 2 hours later at 11:35pm. See Metro Transit schedule for other changes.
  • Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays: Buses will arrive 2 minutes earlier at Gaston Rd turning loop, and 2 minutes earlier at Highfield Terminal (coming from Gaston Rd).

Route 80 (SACKVILLE)

  • Monday-Friday: From Sackville Terminal, evening buses will be up to 4 minutes later at Sackville, Cobequid and Sunnyside stops. 5:19am bus from Sunnyside to Cobequid will now be going on to Sackville Terminal.

Route 82 (MILLWOOD)

  • Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: A number of changes to stop times.


  • Monday-Friday: Many trips will leave and arrive up to 5 minutes later.
  • Sundays and Holidays: Bus will arrive 1 minute earlier at Springfield Estates.

Route 87 (DOWNSVIEW)

  • Saturday: Trip frequency increased to every half hour until evening. New trip added that leaves bridge terminal at 6:10pm and arrives at Sackville Terminal at 7:53pm.

Route 89 (BEDFORD)

  • Monday-Friday: 6:49am bus leaving Cobequid Terminal will be leaving 3 minutes earlier.


  • Monday-Friday: Morning buses between 7:19am and 9:59am will run a few minutes earlier.

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