Not your ordinary Cheeseburger at The Argyle

After a long, but fun day of filming at the 3rd Annual Seaport Beerfest, Ash, the Creative Director at Haligonia and I seriously needed a bite to soak up all that beer. When he let me pick the place, I immediately thought of The Argyle. I have this problem whereby, I’ll get a dish in my head and think about it incessantly until I get to try it. The Argyle had been on the brain since I discovered that they had a Blue Cheeseburger on their menu and I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to indulge.

Now, I’m not one to ruin a cheeseburger feed w/ salad, as opposed to fries, especially on this excursion. Though we got our grub quickly, I was served a Caesar salad w/ my burger. However, when I pointed out the mistake, a s/o of french fries was quickly delivered to our table.

A close up view…Seriously, I ask you: What could possibly be better than a big, juicy beef patty topped with crispy bacon, earthy sauteed mushrooms and a tangy, creamy blue? Very little, that’s what. The burger was served on a pretty standard restaurant-style bun, and the tasty fries, cooked with their skins on were crisp.

I’ve eaten at The Argyle a few times, usually in the summer as I love me an ice cold beer on a patio. I’m not a big fan of Caesar salads, but I’d consider this a pretty good one from the couple bites I sampled. This burger was just what the doctor ordered on Saturday; it was quite filling without being too heavy. If you’re partial to Blue cheese, and like a good burger, you might just want to put The Argyle at the top of your list.

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