Happy Canada Day!

Last week, I got to thinking about Canada Day…which inevitably led to thinking about food. Earlier this year, I listened to a series of shows on CBC radio regarding Canada’s signature dish. There were lots of suggestions tossed around – in fact, the list was endless; poutine, ham and split pea soup, Beavertails, Canadian Bacon, toutons, tourtiere, Montreal bagels, deer and moose meat to name a few.
My personal view here, is that Canada’s quintessential culinary product/ingredient/flavour is maple syrup; smooth, silky, sugary syrup. This Canada Day, I made sure to indulge in one of Taste of Nova Scotia’s listed producer’s offerings, Maple Fudge from Acadian Maple Products. This little piece of Canada is right up there with beer and BBQ on my celebration menu!
So what do YOU think is Canada’s signature dish?

Happy 142nd Birthday Canada!

Canada Day and food

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