Happy Trails

Sunday afternoon we headed over to explore the Atlantic View Trail.  Located across from Lawrencetown Beach, its only a 15 minute drive yet we’ve never been.  We’re really lucky to have so many trails in the area, I must start taking advantage of them all! 

It was a warm, sunny day when we left the house but a different story when we got down to the beach.  I’m so glad that I wore my vest as it was quite chilly.

The trail head actually starts in the middle of the trail so you have choice to go east along the beach or west towards Cole Harbour.

We chose to head west.

The grey skies made for some pretty scenery.  We were still mostly surrounded by water.

IMG_2804 IMG_2849 
IMG_2813 IMG_2824

I find this picture to be very eerie.
Look what was engraved on the bridge.

The trees are still mostly dried out from the previous year but I still managed to snap a few cool pics.

Holly and Dean came along for the walk…

IMG_2851 IMG_2847 
IMG_2856 IMG_2835

I always find old historical markings so interesting – fence posts along a rail track.

IMG_2853 IMG_2846
IMG_2839 IMG_2840
IMG_2822  IMG_2816

We only walked for 2.5K in total as it was freezing.  It wasn’t the most spectacular trail compared to the Musquodoboit one but I’ll still like to go back and give it another shot when the weather warms up.

Besides the odd seagull, this was the only sign of wildlife – ducks!


Not a bad way to spend part of my Sunday afternoon. 

There is just something about checking out a new trail that excites me.  Whenever we go away I like to visit the local trails – I’ve done quite a few The Gravels when we were in Newfoundland and then more locals like Victoria Park, Taylor Head Beach, Cape Split and Bellefontaine Road.  This summer I’d like to try and visit the Salt Marsh, BLT and St. Margaret’s Bay trails..  Do you take advantage of the trail systems in your area?

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