Hello Haligonia!

Halifax_at_nightGOOOOOD MORNING HALIFAX!! (And good morning to the rest of the world as well!)

Over the past few months I’ve been pushing pretty hard to get YourInnerSkinny.ca found locally and the rest of the world. I’m using social media like a mad man. I’m writing as many new posts as I can to keep the site fresh. I did up business cards and I’m handing them out left, right and centre. I talk to random people at the gym on a daily basis about the site. And now I’ve been syndicated! YourInnerSkinny.ca has been picked up by the site haligonia.ca which is a new and local online broadcaster that combines internet and television media with reality style shooting. I’m pretty excited about this because their site reaches an audience that I may not have tapped in to yet and I’m hoping that it brings me new readers and new followers on Twitter. You can check out my feed at http://live.haligonia.ca/halifax-ns/yourinnerskinny

Today it’s suppose to get up to about 31 degrees and I’m off to the golf course for our company tournament (Go ahead, be jealous!) This evening I start my Weight Resistance Trainer Certification from 6p,-8pm (and Saturday 10-6 & Sunday 10-4) and then I’m off to softball tonight with my first game under the lights. Although the rest of my weekend is going to be spent in the gym and in the classroom working towards my certification, I feel like it’s going to be a GREAT weekend!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and don’t forget that Sunday is Father’s Day!

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