Home Sweet Home

Our lovely holiday weekend has arrived.  It’s going to be four days of madness I tell ya!    Read all about the gross, nasty burgundy details at the end of this post.  Here’s a little sneak preview – my poor kitchen has been taken over. 🙁

First things first, food.  Today was an okay day. I stayed within my points until about 40 mins ago when I inhaled a piece of quiche.  I was hungry after spending the evening going up and down ladders and scraping wall paper.  I figured I earned a few AP’s over the course of 3 hours so the damage isn’t so bad. 

Supper was homemade pizza.  Turns out it wasn’t so filling.

Store bought thin crust topped with tomato paste, herbs & spices, parm cheese, mushrooms, red onions & green peppers. (+ jalapeno’s on hubby’s half) Reduced fat 4 cheese blend sprinkled over the whole pie.

It sort of disappointed me, looked better then it tasted.  I like a soft chewy crust and this was hard.  Perhaps a tad over cooked? Hmm.

Back tracking to the morning.  The pancakes held me over quite well.  Had a little snackie around 1030.  Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate bar.

Lunch was a slice of left over quiche and a salad.

The one thing I’ve noticed about getting back on track with Weight Watchers is that I’m un-intentionally eating salads on a more regular basis again. Yum!

Alright, here it is….. the dark depressing place that we call…. the house.  Someday it will be a home.  Someday.

Sadly the natural light really doesn’t do that much. (And yes, that would be my *office* right there far end of the big couch, hehe)

We are working all weekend to eliminate the burgundy.  I will never, ever like burgundy again.  We just spent 3 hours removing the horrible wall paper border at the top of the wall.  It was not pretty.  Especially in our entry way. The house is a split entry and getting the wall paper removed from that area is proving to be quite challenging.  We have an extension ladder but I don’t quite reach the top.  And the small amount of space makes it hard to move the ladder around. Grr.

We eventually got most of the wall paper removed except for one area that we’ll need Dean’s height for. ;)  We are now chillaxing.  He with the tv and me with the blogs. Fun Friday Thursday night eh?

Plans for tomorrow include 14K solo LSD early morning.  I’m kind of nervous about this.  Not that I can’t do it, but running that much alone seems like it’s going to be boring.  We shall see.  The afternoon will be spent doing repairs to the walls – filling in nail holes, dents etc. and taping around the windows & door frames.  I’m really hoping all goes smoothly and we can have the house back together by Monday.


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