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How does your garden grow?

Here is another painting destined for the Witherstone Gallery in Lunenburg. 8 x 24 . It is in a simple black frame and looks great! The darker the weather, the brighter my paintings seem to get. lol. We have had a string of rainy days, but it is making the grass electric green so that is a good thing!

Tonight my mom,daughter and I are going to see Memphis, the broadway play we saw last year. There is a special showing of it up at a local movie theatre and I am really looking forward to that. It won last year’s Tony award for best musical.
I’m also looking forward to some popcorn! Can’t watch a film without it.

Source: http://aliceinparislovesartandtea.blogspot.com/2011/04/how-does-your-garden-grow.html

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