How I Met Your Mother: I’m in the Band

It’s gonna be leden-jerry!

Honestly, how could you not love an episode of How I Met Your Mother that features the gang themselves singing that catchy “bah-bah-bah-BAH-bah” song? It was so adorable! And it wasn’t even too gimmicky, because it fit right in with Barney’s claim to his father that he, Ted, Robin, Marshall and Lily aren’t just friends – they’re also a band!

Barney reconnected with his dad again this week, but instead of hoping to be impressed by Jerry it seemed like he was really trying to impress Jerry…the old, crazy Jerry. After scoffing at Jerry’s invitation to go fishing with him and J.J., Barney decided to show his dad a night out on the town. The scene where the gang did a “Who’s on first?” type thing with all the singular word bar names that had or had not closed in New York was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen – I ran it back twice. I loved how even Jerry joined in at the end.

Along with the fictional band they were in, Barney gave all his friends fictional personalities to portray to make them seem cooler in front of his dad. Everyone really shined with the material they were given here. I loved Lily and Marshall as swingers. Marshall speaking like he thought a playwright would was hilarious, but Lily really took the cake when she asked to be Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada but then accidentally switched to Meryl Streep in Julie and Julia halfway through the night. Ted and Robin were supposed to be dating, which naturally brought out the best/worst in both of them. Robin had her eye on another guy and Ted tried to “help her out” by publicly proposing.

The guy Robin was flirting with? She’d flirted with him before, in a department store when she was still with Ted. And we’re led to believe that even though he thinks Robin is engaged now, things aren’t over for them. They had a good rapport, so I’m hoping this will lead to a really good storyline for Robin. I’ve never been in the camp of “The wedding where Ted meets The Mother is Barney and Robin’s”, so I’m OK with her having a happily ever after with this guy.

There are, of course, some other things that could lead you to believe they’ll end up back together. Barney and his dad had a crazy night, but it turned out that Jerry had just been faking it all night. (By the way, I love when HIMYM does fake-outs like this, but showing us a situation from one character’s perspective and then showing what actually went down.) He wanted to show Barney what “never stop partying” (his parting words to six year-old Barney) really looked like. It was a really touching scene when, in a car driven by an elderly driving student, Barney confessed that he didn’t really like loving his single life anymore, but thought he was too broken to settle down. Jerry assured him that he could never be nearly as broken as Jerry had been, and all it takes it finding the right girl.

So, two things. When Jerry said that, Barney wondered aloud if he’d already met her. You could wonder if he was referring to Robin or Nora, but earlier in the night he told Robin she couldn’t be single because his dad would wonder why he didn’t just marry Robin, since he was happier with her than he’s ever been. So are these crazy kids going to get together? Personally, I prefer when groups of friends don’t end up all coupled off. Ted and Lilly are already married; if Robin and Barney get hitched then Ted will be the odd one out. It’s like on Friends – I liked Chandler and Monica together, but I was rooting against Ross and Rachel. (I know, for some people, this would be the opposite. But I never liked Ross.) I was happy when on Friends, Phoebe married outside the group – can you imagine if she’d ended up with Joey? How stupid would that have been?

I thought John Lithgow was very funny in this episode, but he nailed the dramatic moments, too. And I’m glad Barney is finally able to start building a relationship with his dad, and maybe even his half-brother.

Overall, I thought “Hopeless” was a really well done episode. All the characters were able to shine, we had some plot/character development, some great jokes, and even some throwbacks to the past. (Red cowboy boots!) And as the cherry on top of the sundae, Zoey wasn’t around. What did you think of the episode? Any predictions for the finale? (BUT, no spoilers, please – harmless guesses only!)

Now, check out these quotes:

  • “Ooh, hold on, let me check my personality…oh no, it turns out I’d never do that in a million years.” – Barney
  • “So, Saturday night! Time to cut loose, right? Anyone want to split a beer?” – Jerry
  • “I brought French cooking to America!” – Lily, confusing two of Meryl Streep’s characters
  • Barney: “Hey Jerry, do you really want to be out here like this?”
    Jerry: “Oh sorry small town preacher from the Midwest! Is there a law against dancing?” (Get it? Get it?)
  • “So get off the field at the Superdome, because you ain’t no saint.” – Robin




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