I want some Sienna Miller Hair

AllyG: Lately I’ve been mulling hair. Specifically, Sienna Miller’s hair. Those of you familiar with this blog know how much I love Sienna, homewrecking and all. Most of all, I love Sienna’s hair.


Do you not just want to rip it off and glue it to your head? On an aside,when meeting for coffee last week, L-A admitted that she had been fixing all of my photos in my posts. She didn’t want to tell me the proper way to upload photos as she feared insulting me. How cute is she? She’s totally the Kelly to my Brenda. Kelly still had an edge, she stole Dylan after all, but she wasn’t Bitchy Spice like Brenda. Ding! Ding! Ding! Excuse to play best moment EVER from 90210…


Back to Sienna. I’ve been working up a fever to try and copy the look. Recently, I engaged in battle with velcro rollers. Now, I’m no Rhodes Scholar, but I figured that velcro rollers would be fairly easy to use. I was wrong. So, of course, I googled “How to use velcro Rollers” and a whole wack of info came up. Some of it useful, most of it not.

This nice lady on Youtube gave an incredibly insightful tutorial. She even uses my brand of goody rollers! Now, I warn you, this video is almost 14 minutes long, but I it is actually informative until she starts using the term, “backcombing”. I got through 30 years of my life without backcombing (years 13 to 15 were particularly challenging in terms of abstaining), I ain’t gonna start now. They should give girls purity rings for abstaining from backcombing. The nice lady also mentions that she “does the news” which makes sense re: the backcombing. Nice lady looks pretty, but it’s not Sienna.

My search continues. At ehow.com they gave some not so helpful tips on “how to get Sienna Miller hair”, examples include:

“Day old, bed head hair is best if you feel inspired by Miller. Run your hands through your hair a couple of times, tossle, and go!”

Please trust me when I tell you that no one wants to see me with day-old bed head particularly after I have ran my hands through it. Typically, I have day-old bed head on Saturdays which is also the day I have my eggs and breakfast links. Sausages on hands + hair = not Sienna Miller.

So readers, I found the best advice at UK Popsugar. And! And! It’s tips to get both Sienna AND Kate Moss’ hair! These lifesavers told me the following:

  • Rough blow dry hair after washing. You don’t need a brush, just use the dryer with your fingers. Tip your head upside down if you need more volume.
  • When hair is about 90% dry, ruffle it up with your hands whilst blasting from different directions with the dryer for a more natural, messy look.
  • Add texturiser to the ends, such as Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, (£16), to make the hair less fluffy
  • Sienna and Kate generally look like they don’t brush their hair too often. It’s an obvious point but go easy on the brushing and let your hair get a windswept look – (not too tricky in this weather!) Wearing sunglasses on the top of your head, or a pin to the side like Sienna, also ruffles up the hair. This creates temporary layers around the face and looks suitably dishevelled.

I can do this! I seriously can do this!

L-A? Whose hair do you secretly want to steal and glue on your head? Oh, wait, you have EXTENSIONS ALREADY. I promise I will never allow you to walk the streets looking like this:


Or. Maybe I will. After what you did with Dylan while I was away that summer. Bitch.

L-A: Aw! I love that I’m the Kelly to your Brenda! Except, you’re way less bitchy and better dressed. What was up with that leather vest? Although, at least Brenda’s hair was not quite as dated. Kelly clearly used the velcro rollers and the backcombing method that morning.

But seriously, I am at a loss as to celebrity hair that I want. I gave up on trying to style my hair like a celebrity back when I still had a subscription to YM.  I’ve tried magazine styling tips, but to no avail. My hair and I just do not have a good relationship. I’ve got fine, flat hair,  a weird hairline, and a crazy high forehead. I’m convinced my hair is cursed. I did something bad to a gypsy or something in a past life.  I can spend hours on it and one gust of wind just flattens it back down. I’ve spent a small fortune trying to work with my hair. Velcro rollers? Been there, done that, and they end up collecting dust.  It took me years to break the habit of buying every new product on the market that promised volumizing.  All a product needed was the words “new” and “volumize” in it and I was buying. Even now, as I searched Teen Vogue for styling tips (what? So I’m in my 30s and looking at Teen Vogue online, no judging allowed), I’m tempted to run out and by the products they recommend for fine hair.  I do appreciate the tips that Teen Vogue provides on how to style fine hair. Well, I mostly appreciate it. I hate when magazines are all “just pull it into a high ponytail”. Kids, if I could just pull it into a high ponytail and look good, don’t you think I’d have that figured out by now?  My hair length doesn’t cooperate, but even if it did,  my hairline/need to have some kind of bangs works against me.  Besides, I think “pull it into a ponytail” is a total cop out on the part of hair advice givers.

What I really want/need is an entourage, with hair styling genius as my number one entourage member.  I need them hovering about me with a comb and hairspray at all times. I’d be happy to take my current hair genius, Krista, around with me, but I don’t think she’s ready to work for free.

So, I’m at the point where I’m wanting hair like Gwyneth:


What’s so special about her hair? Nothing really. Except that she has some of the top hair stylists in the world on speed dial, ready to drop everything just to do her hair or give her styling advice.  I also like Lauren Conrad’s hair, because it always seems to look cute. Probably because she has an MTV entourage filming her life and that entourage probably includes at least one stylist:


So if we’re talking about stealing and gluing hair, I’ll take Paltrow or Conrad. If only because they make it look so easy.

p.s. I should speak out in defense of the backcombing. I’ve only recently been trying this, albeit not to the extent that the newscaster/Velcro roller tutor goes, and I’m a bit of a fan.  Like I said, I’ll do just about anything to achieve a bit of volume in my hair.

Datsyuk’s back, Alright! (sing to tune of “Backstreet’s Back”)

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