I’m Hungry: Alphabet Food

We know getting kids to eat can often be a challenge – so why not kick off the month with this fun approach to meal planning and eat your letters!  Start with A and make your way through the alphabet each evening including a food that starts with the letter of the day. The kids will have fun helping come up with food ideas and eating their alphabet. Here are some ideas to get you started:
A: Avocado, Apples, Alfalfa Sprouts
B: Banana, Butternut Squash, Beans
C: Cabbage, Calzones, Carrots

D: Dill pickles, Dates
E: Eggs, Edamame, Eggplant
F: Fajitas, Feta cheese, Flax seeds

G: Greek yogurt, green beans, Guacamole

H: Haddock, Hamburgers
I: Iceberg Lettuce, Italian Sausage
J: Jalapeno Peppers, Jam
K: Kale, Kamut, Kidney Beans

L: Lasagna, Lemon, Lobster
M: Mac-n-Cheese, Melon, Milk
N: Noodles, Nectarines, Naan Bread
O: Oranges, Omelette, Olives
P: Peppers, Pineapple, Pork

Q: Quiche, Quesadillas
R: Ravioli, Rice, Roast Beef
S: Sushi, Strawberries, Salad
T: Tomato, Tofu, Turkey

U: Udon noodles
V: V8 Juice, Vermicelli noodles
W: Watermelon, Whole grain bread, Wild rice

X: x marks the spot on take-out tonight!
Y: Yams, Yellow Beans, Yogurt
Z: Ziti, Zucchini

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