Indonesia earthquake relief appeal

SurfAid International logoSurfAid International has launched an Emergency Response Appeal to help the people of Padang, Indonesia who were hit by a huge earthquake (7.6 on the Richter scale) on Wednesday.

SurfAid Program Director Dr David Lange narrowly escaped death as he fled the Ambacang Hotel, which then collapsed, killing many and trapping others.

“People are trapped and screaming for help but they are below huge slabs which will take heavy equipment to move,” said Dr. Lange. “I saw dozens of the biggest buildings collapsed in town, most of the damage is concentrated in the commercial centre market, which was fully packed.”

Many buildings have been destroyed with people caught underneath the rubble. There is a report that schoolchildren are still trapped underneath three schools. One hospital is destroyed and another so badly damaged that staff are working in tents outside. Doctors used car headlights and torches to operate on the injured overnight.

Located on the island of Sumatra, Pandang is a popular surfing destination, particularly for Australian surfers.

To make a donation to the relief effort, click here

The Halifax Slam Team 2009

Paving has started along the Bedford Waterfront. The area outlined in the three plans encompasses the in-fill lands between the Bedford Highway and Bedford Basin, from the Boutiler Boatyard to the Clearwater Seafoods property.

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