It’s all about the light….

This is St. Matthews’s Church on Barrington Street. I was walking past on my way to meet some folk and the shadows caught my eye. So pretty, like lace. I was drawn inside…..

Oh and this guy is performing in the church on Sept 24th! So cool, a mix of Blues Jazz and Indian groove.

Across the street is the Old Burying Grounds. Opened in 1749, the same year Halifax was founded. Over 12,00 people are interred here but most don’t have headstones. The earlier ones have been lost or there were none used. It is a quiet interesting place to poke about.

I finally made it here! A tweetup of #Halifaxchicks. It was fun to meet new people and see familiar faces:) The church is on the left and across the street is the cemetery.

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