Java Blend

One day last week I treated myself to a stop here. I was in Dartmouth picking up some permits and on the way home, just after crossing the bridge, on North Street, I could smell coffee roasting. Heaven.

Java Blend Coffee has been in business since 1938. A small family operation that has managed to hang in there through hard work, great coffee and lovely personalities. They even have a blog (check the bottom of their page). A neighborhood favourite, Java Blend has been licensed by TransFair Canada since 1999 to roast and distribute Fair Trade Certified Coffees. Many of the restaurants around town get their coffee here.

It was a gorgeous late sunny afternoon. People were even sitting outside at a few tables sipping and reading, in late November! I popped in for an Americano, my current fave.

Ha, this pic makes my coffee look like a giant cup of Joe but it was really just a regular:) It is not a place I get to very often because it is out of my normal path but everytime I visit I think, must do this more often:)

Thanks to everyone who has purchased calendars:) I’ve been wanting to do one for ages.
I only have a few left in this order so if you are interested….act soon.

Getting the flu shot today.


This is not a cop out post

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