JPG for Target? Britney will be so excited!

AllyG: Yo. This is going to be short. Definitly not an award worthy blog entry, but it’s something for you to read and discuss amongst yourself over your morning coffee. BabyG is taking a catnap and at any second will stir to awaken the air raid siren that lives within him. That, my friends, is the signal to get the eff off the computer.

I have news that you probably have heard but shall share it with you anyway!


Target makes the designers in this series choose a muse for their collections. McQueen chose Leila Moss, Sui chose the girls of Gossip Girl, and guess what Gaultier chose?

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target pays tribute to the American woman, celebrating the forces of style both past and present in American pop culture, the retailer said.

So we all know who that really means: Madonna, whom Gaultier has dressed onstage for ages. We’re hoping for pointy-bra tops, leotards, overalls, mesh crop tops, corsets — all the things chicks secretly want but can’t in good conscious pay more than Target prices for.

I can hardly wait to see this. Will Britney start wearing a luxury brand now that it’s being sold at her favourite shop? This is Brit just last week shopping le Target!



Can you imagine her wearing one of these?



I’ll leave it to L-A to share some of her fave best and worst outfits from JPG! (Yes, that’s a polite way of saying my baby has crapped his pants and I need to jet).

L-A: Okay, hand to God, the first thought that crossed my mind when I read the tweet from The Cut earlier today was: now I can afford my own pointy boobed bustier! Not kidding. I do have blonde ambitions:

Blond_Ambition_tour30Music Rock Hall Inductees

It’s like she’s Gaultier’s version of Day to Night Barbie.

Oh, I know. That’s so 1990 you’re saying. But no! He’s still at it!



And once I thought about it for more than half a second, I have to admit, I’m stumped as to how Gaultier will do Target. Anna Sui doing Gossip Girl for Target? Easy peasy. Jimmy Choo for H&M? Do-able. Rodarte for Target? A bit of a stretch, but I could do it. But Gaultier? For Target? I cannot fathom the whys or the hows.  Maybe if it’s a hit, he’ll do maternity wear:



Maybe he’ll do Gaga-style office wear as well?


Pants? Who needs ‘em? Certainly not the American woman.

I do like the shoes though. If he does shoes, I’m there.


Minus the ankle socks, of course.

I will say one thing, if he tries to bring the overalls from the runway (both Fall ‘09 and S/S ‘10) to the masses, then I quit.



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