KISS on the commons

KISS descending on the crowd playing Deuce - photo by Jason Goodwin

KISS descending on the crowd playing Deuce – photo by Jason Goodwin

I camped out overnight about 15 years ago for a KISS show at the Metro Centre that ended up being cancelled, and having the chance to see them again; yes it was worth it.

I am a cynical princess who does not like mud, crowds, etc. and it’s very hard to impress me with anything, let alone an outdoor rock show, but I had the time of my life at this show.

The backdrop to the commons was filled with silhouettes of people watching the show from their apartment balconies and windows.

The rain stopped just in time for the show.

They descended upon us (literally!) playing Deuce and the crowd went wild.

KISS rocked out for over 2 hours with confetti, makeup, boots, and drooling blood.

Paul is 57 years old and still impossibly pretty for a boy, hairy chest and all. His primping, preening, strip tease style and sense of humor was a great hit with the crowd, boys and girls alike.

KISS gave crowd everything they have and then some more. And for all their naughty lyrics, the show is actually good clean fun. You could take your kids…and many did. Their message is positive…all about how rock and roll will heal the soul. Very refreshing, and a little like going to the circus.

The energy was amazing. These dudes are anything but washed up. And Paul can still fly…awesome!

Bedford locals enjoy ice cream from the new Cold Stone Creamery located inside the Tim Hortons in the Village Centre plaza.

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

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