les livres

One of my favourite haunts! Libraries and bookstores fill me with intense calm and excitement at the same time. When I was a little girl we would make the trip to the library once a week and I would load up on Dr. Seuss, Curious George and Babar books. My brothers and I would plonk ourselves on the floor and get lost in the possibilities of choice. So hard to decide which books to bring home. I still tend to get carried away and bring home too many books.
This is the Keshen Goodman Library. I’ve never thought to bring my camera there before.

and…….as I write this it is snowing! Sideways backwards and upside down. The wind is blowing it everywhere. My daughter has to go to work at 1pm. I think it will terrible out there by then:( I am thinking the bus would be a better choice than driving. Those first few winter drives are always nerve wracking. No salt on the roads yet, lots of slippy sliding.
The wee reindeer in this picture is a fellow I fell in love with. Covered in birch bark and sparkly salt crystals, I captured him in a window display.

Ooh and my latest discovery this weekend was born out of a desperate desire to recreate this! I had bought a box as a splurge and loved it! So, when it was finished I decided to try my own version. It worked! 2 bags of any decaffe tea, 2 bags of Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea which I adore and always have), 5 green cardamon pods about 4 cups of water and simmer till dark and inky. House smells wonderful. Add honey and serve half milk and half chai mixture. Yum.

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