Library Staff Favourites – pt 1

I recent polled some of my co-workers about their favourite books. Because there are so many of them and the size limits of this blog, I gave myself the challenge to describe them in 20 words or less.

I hope you will select one or two of them and discover why they have been chosen as favourites. Here is part one of the list: ~ Rosemary.

The Name of the Wind (M) 
 by Patrick Rothfuss 
– a coming of age story of a notorious wizard (not Harry Potter) and his struggle to succeed in school and life.
White Oleander (M)
by Janet Fitch 
– an Oprah Book Club Choice concerning a young girl’s struggle to understand her jailed mother and the world of foster care.
The Tea Rose Trilogy (M)
by Jennifer Donnelly 
– 1888-1914 family saga which travels from London, Manhattan and even Africa, with the twist and turns of an excellent page-turner.

I Dreamed of Africa (M)
by Kuki Gallman  
memory of Italian writer running a Kenyan ranch  in 1972. It is often compared to Karen Blixen’s Out of Africa.

All My Friend are all Superheroes (M)
by Andrew Kaufman 
-Tom’s friends are superheroes, including his wife.  But an evil curse makes Tom invisible which presents problems with his relationship.

Thirteenth Tale (M)
by Diane Setterfield 
– mysterious Vilda Winter has created numerous tales regarding herself.  Will biographer Margaret Lea be able to get to the truth ?

Pillars of the Earth (M)
by Ken Follett 
– set in the Middle Ages with themes of religion, architecture and ones’ place in society.

The Valley of the Horses (M) 
by Jean Auel
– Orphaned cavewoman Ayra fights for prehistoric women liberation and her life.

The Stand (M)
by Stephen King  
 – dystopian universe with a power struggle between good and evil.

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