Loveable Big Papi’s A Steroid User

Loveable Big Papi’s a Steroid User
It has been several days since Boston Red Sox DH, David Ortiz, was named in a report of Major League Baseball players that tested positive for steroid usage in 2003. The backlash from fans and media has been quiet at best, a polar opposite of the scorching Alex Rodriguez took when it was alleged that he had taken steroids dating all the way back to his high school days.
Why no outcry about “Big Papi”? Well…he’s Papi. Big, loveable Papi! This is the fan favourite of Red Sox Nation. I went to a Nationals/Red Sox game a few years back. The fans would cheer pretty loud for Youk and Manny, but the biggest cheers were for Papi. He’s the adopted son of Boston. The teddy bear with the big smile and big bear hugs for all his teammates.
Alex Rodriguez? He’s a jerk. His teammates don’t even like him.
Did David Ortiz take steroids? Of course he did.
Papi offered us a rather dizzying and confusing half excuse/apology in a press conference last week, but few reporters have taken Ortiz to task and really pushed him for an explanation. Even after he publicly criticized players who had tested positive for steroid usage before the season began.
Talk about the pot and the kettle.
Ortiz’s steroid story is all about numbers. In the past 9 years, you would be hard pressed to find any noticeable differences in Papi’s physique. However, when you look at his individual statistics, the numbers reek of steroid usage.
As a Minnesota Twin in 2002, Ortiz had 20 HRs and 75 RBIs. As a member of the Red Sox from 2003-2007, Ortiz averaged 40 HRs, 120 RBIs, and routinely had a batting average above .300.
Starting last season, as MLB finally began to crack down on steroid testing, Ortiz hit 23 HRs.
This season Ortiz has 15. Papi didn’t hit his first dinger until mid May. Worse, his batting average is .219.
Those are classic numbers of a steroid user in Major League Baseball. A rapid rise in production, followed with an equally dramatic decline.
So enjoy the smiles and hugs while you can Papi. This time next season you may very well be watching the game from home.

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