This is me, after 6.4 KM  Hot, sweaty and feeling the love/hate relationship with running.

Many random thoughts & observation went through my head while I was out this evening:

  • I did not get up early every Saturday morning in –30 degree weather and run my ass off to just quit a month before the race.
  • H20 is important and I didn’t get near enough today. 
  • Good food choices are just as important.  Wasn’t really stellar in that department either.
  • I could feel the extra weight that I’ve put on with every step that I ran.
  • The last KM one of my fav songs came on and I gave it my all. TAKE THAT.
  • I am very fortunate to have some absolutely amazing blogging friends. Got an email this morning that really helped put all my struggles with running in perspective. xoxo
  • I have to stop trying to get “back to where I was” (motivation-wise) and instead, focus on going forward.

PS.  I’ve got to write 400 words about my weight loss/running by Friday afternoon.  It’s being published locally.  Ekkkkk.  I should get on that. 😉

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