Mancation (Or What May Be the End of My Husband)

What a winter so far, eh? For us on the East Coast, we’ve been enjoying some warmer temperatures the last few days. By warmer I mean hovering around 0 degrees.

But there is a cold front hovering over my house.

You see, my husband is going on a tropical vacation next month… without me.

It’s a mancation, if you will – a male-only vacation. Or maybe it’s a “mancursion”, “man trip” or “fellas trip.”

Whatever it’s called, I’m not impressed that he and three of his friends are heading down south for a little R&R and to celebrate their upcoming 40th birthdays or implement the bro-code or some such silly boy-bonding thing. defines a “fellas trip” as: A guys only vacation. It’s a trip where you invite your closest, most trustworthy male friends that may end up in a little debauchery. Could be a ski trip, golf trip, rock climbing, a bachelor party, sporting event, or a trip to a destination hot spot like Miami, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Amsterdam, or Las Vegas.

They HAD to pick somewhere warm. They had to book it in the middle of one of our worst winters so far.

Sounds fun, eh? Except if you’re the wife left at home to sulk for a week.

Now, my hubby works hard and doesn’t get much time to spend with friends so I don’t begrudge him the vacation (yes I do). But there are a couple of things that I am having a problem processing:

  1. He hates the beach (I love the beach)
  2. He gets bored easily (I live for boredom)
  3. He travels every week (I travel every six months, if I’m lucky)
  4. He is not a fan of the sun (I am a sun worshipper)

I’m not even sure when he’s leaving or where he’s going. I don’t want to talk about it. I’m so jealous. If it snows or one of the kids or I (even worse) get sick… he might as well stay where he is at because if he thinks there is a cold front over our house now, he hasn’t seen anything yet.

relaxed dead body with toe tagBy the way, I turn 40 next year. That’s what I call PAYBACK? So who’s coming with me for a TWO WEEK VACATION somewhere VERY expensive with endless quantities of WINE??? I hope the mancation is worth it

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