march flowers

original on ebay
Oh my, I just finished this and it was a case of…. I can’t take it any more! I was tinkering and changing and squinting at it and adding this and subtracting that and had no idea of what I was looking at. You know, how you can look at a word like eraser for example, a simple word you see all the time and then for no reason it looks odd and you can’t figure it out or make sense of it or are sure that is even the correct spelling. You don’t? Ooh, maybe it’s just me. Well this painting was one of those. I fussed and fussed. Not sure if I really like it but it’s up for sale if anyone is interested. I like parts of it but as a whole I am not sure. I have to let it grow on me:)

Blustery and grey out there. Watched the Bachelor last night. Hate to admit to it but I wanted to see the final episode and who he chose. Vienna! The rebel. The girl who marched to her own drummer. Best of luck to them.

The Pregnant Palette

you just never know….