you just never know….

A few weeks ago I received an email from a teacher in central Maine asking if she could use some of my art as a teaching tool for her kindergarten class. Of course I said yes! This is the blackboard with the examples she wanted to use and a picture of me. ( Ack, it is my “before” pic…I am still on my fitness program, slowly but surely) ……anyway……..I digress……

They studied my series of baby animals and their mothers. The kids learned about me, folk art, Nova Scotia ,which is very close to Maine, and how I used color/texture/overlapping in my paintings. They looked at “Baby Chick and Mom” specifically.

After working on their paintings for the last two weeks, Kendra their teacher, sent me these pictures today. They just put the biggest smile on my face after the trying day I had struggling with my own painting.

Don’t you just LOVE them!! Well done!

Cheep cheep!

march flowers

Troy Ryan of the Halifax Lions