marvelous month of May

Woke up to the patter of rain this morning. Lately, it has been warm enough to leave the window open. I love the soft breath of wind and sounds that waft in. We are on a small hill and from my bed I see branches, leaves budding and sky. Feels like I am in a treehouse. I’ve noticed that there is not as much birdsong in the mornings as there used to be:( That makes me sad.

Today’s agenda includes a trip to the gym, library, post office and painting, painting, painting. I am working on big order for a local store. Fun stuff. Luckily no cooking has to be done today. I have a big pot of veggie chili on hand and some of Keith’s great quiche.

These pictures were taken at Giverny, in Monet’s garden in May. The window is the view from his bedroom! He lived here for 43 years. It is only a short train ride from Paris and we did it as a day trip. SO worth seeing.

My daughter on the Japanese bridge.

Costume Institute Gala 2010: Sienna Miller? I die.

NOTD: OPI DS Treasure