Millions invested in new MRI equipment for the QEII

The government is replacing an important piece of diagnostic equipment at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax to ensure Nova Scotians get the best care.

A new, high-power magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner will be installed at the Halifax Infirmary. The $16.5-million investment will also build a new diagnostic suite at the hospital for its three MRI scanners.

“Nova Scotians deserve access to high-quality, modern healthcare and this includes having the best equipment needed for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning,” said Health and Wellness Minister Michelle Thompson. “These MRIs will ensure care at the Infirmary will be state of the art.”

The government also announced a $5.1-millon investment in December for a new medium-power MRI. The two MRIs are due for replacement, and the new scanners will be more reliable and efficient. The cost for the MRIs is $6.3 million while the work on the new diagnostic imaging suite is about $12.3 million. The total project cost is $21.6 million.

The Infirmary also has a low-power MRI.

MRI scanners use powerful magnets and computers that take detailed pictures of internal organs and systems inside the body. These pictures are necessary for clinicians to make important decisions about treatment.

Work on the diagnostic suite and installation of the new units will begin later this year.

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