mini art for kids

These cutie patootie wee paintings are for sale at LoveMe, Boutique in Halifax with more to follow:) Char has a small children’s section in her shop and wanted some art available for them:) She has a terrific idea about starting an art collection early and each year adding to it. I think that’s a great thought. Great to enjoy growing up and fun to take it with you when you leave to set up your own place.

So, tomorrow is the last day to buy a print from me and be eligible for a ticket to see Paul McCartney in concert! I only have one person who purchased! Well actually I have sold more prints than that since this started but only one person locally has bought and if no one else does, that lone purchaser is going to the concert:) Good time to think about buying that birthday gift for someone!
I drove by the commons and saw them setting up the stage. What a huge production! It is going to be exciting:) I’ll try to take some pics.

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Canadian Embassy follow-up.