Modern, Folkart, Impressionistic, Surrealist, Fauvist, Illustrative….

I’m always at a loss when someone says what kind of art do you do? What style of painting is it? I really have no idea what to say. I have a few different styles I like to paint in and sometimes they get combined without any real intention to do so. I paint what pleases me and I hope it pleases others. So much depends on my mood. My style is my own:)
Because of the colour and simple themes, people often think folk art. I applied to the Lunenburg Folk Art Festival once and was told, “No, sorry your work is not folk art, we cannot accept it” Ha.So there you have it. Who knows…..

I love colour and strong graphic composition. Most of what I do is off the cuff with no pre-planning. I’ve only used a reference photo once and that was of the small harbour at Peggy’s Cove. Something maybe I should try more of… I do love painting large dramatic skies and landscapes,with the sky dominating. Paintings that take your imagination and thoughts elsewhere:)

So…. what am I painting today? A small girl reading a book with cat cozy by her side and a window with a view…..
Have a creative day xo

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