More Than A Feeling

^One of my fav songs ever.  Just for the record.  Hey, it was either that or “Amy’s a Babe” for the title. 😉 Hehe.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  I’ve done nothing to celebrate expect cook some bright green brussel sprouts.  Sad I know.  I don’t even own any clothes that are green.

Hard to believe that we’re on our second week of amazing temps and beautiful sunshine.  Nova Scotia reached highs of +14 degrees today and I was inside for the majority of it.  BOO. :(  I’m taking a vacation day on Friday so that I can enjoy this beautiful weather (and get a whole bunch of errands done!)

I had some running schedule for today so I took to it right away…. Hell Training as I affectionately refer to it.  It was warm enough to wear capris and short sleeves. Whoot, whoot, loved bringing out the Summer gear! I made sure that I was able to have full access to my house key by putting it in my water belt. No more lockouts for this chick!

Then off I went.  I warmed up with 2K of straight running and then went to the dreaded super steep road. Up and down and up and down, until I was blue in the face. Kidding… well sorta. ;)  According to DailyMile I logged 5.6K in 36 minsThose were some speedy hills.  I knew I was pushing myself but I didn’t think I was going that fast.  I feel a lot more focused on my training lately and have been really looking forward to getting out there.  Due to the abundance of sun, no doubt!

It was definitely a barbeque night. I know, the grill’s disgusting, try not to stare. 🙂

You know that if I’m having steak, red wine is a must.  Just one glass on a school work night though! I’m 27 and still think of it as a school night for some strange reason. 
Dinner was really all about balance tonight.  The perfectly cooked steak…and by perfectly cooked I mean still red & juicy inside.  Sorry if this grosses anyone out.

Delicious roasted brussel sprouts – cooked in evoo and fresh pepper.

And how’s this for classy…….baked spicy fries. Bwah ha, yes I had wine + fries in the same meal. ;)  I love baking fries because I get to eat a few frozen ones. Hehe, love ‘em.  Hubby thinks I’m SO weird for liking frozen fries.  Do you do it?

The steak look huge in this pic, but they weren’t.  About 2oz per each piece.

I may have also indulged in these….

Other than that nothing really that interesting going on.  I did come home to find a little box on my door step though.  My Larabar holiday sampler pack finally arrived.  Yeah for free Lara’s, especially PB &J ones. 🙂 Thanks!

IMG_2410 IMG_2404

Alrighty, off to catch up with all of you.

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Happy Saint Paddy’s Day All!

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