My go-to bakery is La Banette

A couple months ago, I discovered this little gem: La Banette, on Glebe Point Road.  It doesn’t have a website, but thankfully, it does have a Yelp! page, where plenty of Yelpers have uploaded their own pics! 

On this particular occasion, I was dying for a nice savoury pastry, and had only a small amount of cash on me.  As I was trotting down GPR looking for that very specific bite, I remembered my friend (who works at the Clipper Cafe) mentioning this amazing French bakery next to her work, so I decided to take a peek.

What an incredible spot.  The bakery is open to the street and emits an intoxicating aroma of yeast, sugar and butter the likes of which I’ve never experienced.  The bread is stacked on wooden shelves behind the counter, while lovely petit fours, pies, palmiers and mereigues lay on display in their glass casings.  On top, are a variety of baskets holding olive breads, muffins , scrolls, croissants and this; the savoury cheese twist.

I bought my cheese twist (between $3.50-$4) and took a seat overloking the street adorned with this beautiful bundle of lilacs.  Lilacs will always have a special place for me because we have the most magical lilac tree in our backyard in Newfoundland.  The pastry had it all; savoury and sweet; buttery and cheesy; crispy and squidgy.  All good, all dangerous, and all making La Banette the logical choice to shop for baked goods/sweet treats of any kind.


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