My stash – NYC & WetnWild

It was a horrid day for me yesterday, things kept going wrong. I planned to do some swatches for a review that night but it didn’t happen, so I have a stash post for you instead.

These are the NYC bottles, old design, except for the very last one. I got them when Lawtons put them on clearance for CAD.89 before putting out the new bottle design. These are what started my journey with nail polish, lol.

First row, from L-R: Plush Platinum, White Lights Glitter, Paparazzi Pink Glitter, Broadway Burgundy, Starry Silver Glitter and Big Money.

Second row: Mod Mauve, Purple Pizzazz, Charming Rose, Love Me Red, Taxi Yellow and Broadway (new packaging).

Quality isn’t the same with these polish, some are with great opacity, and some are sheer. For the price, I wouldn’t complain, but wish that there’s more of a consistency across the line.

These Wet n Wild polish also deserve a big mention in this post, as they were kind of the very first collection I was hunting all over for – the Craze collection.

From L-R: Rustic, Shield, Morbid, Inferno and Goldmine, plus the Wild Shine in Sparked.

I was so happy when I got my hands on them, and still like them like I did at the time. Gorgeous colours, great application and cute bottle design with patterns on the caps. And very soon, the new Color Craze collection will drive me insanse again. Brighter colours and vibrant patterns, I’m so there. I was told they are going to be on Walmart’s shelves soon, but no specific date. It might still be a few weeks though, considering how late the first Craze collection was to make it here. Either way, I’ll be waiting.

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