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new to bargain shopping? me too.

new to bargain shopping? me too.

I love a good find, but I’m not a crazy couponer…I don’t even shop the flyers {GASP!}. It’s silly really….I could be saving a ton of money – I know it!  Now that I’m moving to the city and will have more choice when it comes to purchases, I’m starting to put in the effort to learn how to shop frugally, especially at the stores I love and haven’t been able to shop at for years since we’ve been living up North. I have 5 years of shopping to make up for! My husband will be thrilled. Ha.

new to bargain shopping? me too.

I’ve been scouring design blogs in attempts to learn how to decorate on a budget. It’s definitely possible to have a beautifully decorated house on a budget IF you put in a bit of effort. Between DIY and bargain shopping sites, I’m set. I checked out Bargain Jill today and in their top picks was a Pier 1 $10 off coupon for spending $10 or more! Say what!? How is that even possible? Well, BargainJill.com is a bargain shopping website which finds incredible deals on brand named items {like women’s apparel and accessories, home and garden items, beauty products, and children’s items} and posts links to those deals for you in one place. And we’re not talking 10% off here – many of the deals are 50-70% off. Deals are updated throughout the day, every day. They don’t sell anything to you, they just link you to where you need to go to either buy the item, print off the coupon, etc.

I like clean, easy to use, practical websites. I was happy to see that BargainJill.com is nicely organized by tabs so you can search by specific categories and not waste time weeding through hundreds of deals for things you’re not interested in. Click on the one you want, find your sales and get busy buying.

new to bargain shopping? me too.

Home & Garden deals? Yes, please  🙂 I can hardly wait to start decorating our new house next week so I’ve bookmarked BargainJill.com as a go-to site for when I start shopping. If facebook, twitter or email are more your thing,  you can see their via their daily newsletter, twitter feed, facebook or RSS. You can find your deals via whichever method is easiest for you, not vice versa 😉

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