NOTD: Ozotic Pro 513

Holographic nail polish to the rescue! It has been a crazy week with temperature fluctuating between -22 and +4 (-8F and 39F). I just desperately needed something cheerful.
And here it is, Ozotic Pro 513. Glad I got some Ozotics way back when so the bottle is round and fat, easy to hold (can’t stand the new bottle design now).
The first 2 pics were taken with flash. Like a typical Ozotic holo, 513 shines like crazy when the strong light hits it.

Another angle that show the colour even deeper. I was so in love while taking pics, a big fan of this type of strong linear holo, and it’s purple. We can’t have too many shades like this.
However… yeah, there is a however with this one. If you remember my previous NOTD of Ozotic Pro 522, it was a liner holo through and through. 513, however, is a shy shade without the sun or yellow light. I only in love with half of how it shows up on my nails during the time I wear it.

This is how it looks indoor, with indirect natural light. You can still see the light holo effect which makes the shade pop a little, not totally flat. Just that it is not the crazy holo I saw under the flash. The same way in the bottle as well, I can tell the difference looking at 513 and 522 bottles, side by side.
If there is a nail polish fairy, I would ask to switch up the holo from 522 to 513, as I love purple a lot more than pink. This is to show that not all shades under one brand are created the same way.


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January Meeting of the Council of Community Organizations (COCO)

January Meeting of the Council of Community Organizations (COCO)