NOTD: Ozotic Pro 617

Monday! 🙂 It was raining all day yesterday, we stayed in, so bored. Today it’s kinda sunny on and off, thought a holo nail polish is appropriate.

This is Ozotic Pro 617, a beautiful blue shade, almost baby blue leaning to turquoise.

I am so loving my little Ozotic stash, as each colour is pretty in its own way. Like I said before, after trying a few bottles, I realized that the holographic effect in the 500’s series is a lot stronger than the 600’s. Meaning the 500’s are linear holo, the shine is visible even inside, no direct sunlight needed. The 600’s only show under right angle of light, and in sunlight. 617 is not an exception.

This is how it looks under flash, and below is with natural light near a window. The colour is true to IRL in the no flash pic, of course.

Like most cases, my camera doesn’t pick up the holo sheen well with these full hand type of shots, but at least it shows the pretty colour 617 has.

It is not sheer, this is 3 coats and I don’t see VNL. Application is no trouble. I have never had any issues with Ozotic, love them for that (besides the fact that they make awesome multi chromes and liner holos, lol).

The only thing that I’d ask them to do is make all the 600’s holo the same way they make the 500’s. Strong holos would be heaven on earth for anyone that comes across this brand.

Close up shots. Now the holo comes out to play. I didn’t have the sun when I took these pics, so I had to rely on flash to show you the shine. It’s there, but it’s just camera shy lol. I’d say the holo is stronger than China Glaze Tronica a knot. I did get a few Tronica colours from Sally but then returned them all. Couldn’t bear the fact that they cost CAD6 and couldn’t deliver holos very well.

I paid $6.50 for this bottle before the price increase. Even after double shipping (from etailer to my friend in Australia and from her to me), it is still worth it. Totally recommend this brand, as I haven’t had a shade that I don’t like.

So if you are lucky to own the China Glaze Kaleidoscopes and OMGs, you probably won’t need 617, unless you like collecting this colour. Like I said, the holo isn’t strong in this one, but I love it anyway.

It is a shame that Ozotic Pro is so hard to come by for people who live outside Australia. It seems etailers don’t want to risk a fine for shipping hazardous material internationally, except for Picture Polish who somehow scored a shipping permit. They don’t carry lots of shades but at least they ship. Thought I should put it out there.

Have a great start of the week. At least it’s a short one. I can’t wait for the long weekend to just sleep. Don’t forget to enter my Sigma Miss Taylor Kabuki giveway.


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