NOTD: Peach Daiquiri

Look what I have on my nails today. It’s Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Peach Daiquiri. I was most excited about this colour among a few bottles I got with this line, as it looked gorgeous in the bottle. However, it applied quite sheer on my nails. 4 coats and still sheer, as you can see in the picture. The colour leaned toward rosy pink other than peachy pink, but subtle enough for work. I just wish it were more opaque. One of the bloggers I subscribed to also mentioned that the Xtreme Wear line is quite sheer, especially with the light colours, so I started thinking whether I’m gonna keep all the ones I bought.

After 4 days, the polish started to chip on me. No complaint there, as 4 days is reasonable for drugstore polishes. The longest time I had a polish on without seeing any chips was with Deborah Lippmann nail polish – 7 days. It was done professionally, and with the hydrating base coat just on the finger tips – a trick the nail expert taught me. Also, Lippmann polish is CAD19 a pop, so I certainly expected a little more out of the colour. This was No More Drama with Believe on top, turned out to be a perfect colour for work, neutral but still gorgeous. This is the best picture I had on these shades, as my camera somehow refused to take closeup picture without blurring everything out.

I came home frustrated today, as I managed getting myself to the gym, got Squirt in the playroom after a quick dinner, then found out I didn’t have my work out shoes with me. And this wasn’t the first time this happened. I haven’t gone to the gym for more than 2 weeks and really wanted to get back to the groove. It was a dance workout class tonight, so I couldn’t make it without the shoes. So, no gym for me 🙁 I’ll probably change my polish shades today, as I always find it relaxing painting my nails at night, right before bed. What colours should I go with?

Oh, another sale alert. Lawton is clearing out Marcelle’s Aquatick Summer collection, as almost everything on the display had red tags on for half price. The dome eyeshadows (3 shades) are now CAD5.50 and the dome bronzing powders are CAD7.50. I always check out the display everytime I go to Lawton, just to see whether the prices go down. So with this 50% off deal, I already had Tropik (the green shade) and the bronzer in my hands, ready to check out but then I put them back on the display.
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Why? I don’t know how I could have so much control power this time, but I did. I asked Squirt (or asked myself) whether I need more baked shadows. And the answer was No. I still have Jesse’s Girls Color My World baked shadows from my haul at the Makeup Mix Shop. They are quite similar to Marcelle’s with a better price tag, and I have all 4 shades, so I better use them before getting new shadows. Again, I was so eager to get them when Toma told me she had them all in the store, and they were on sale at the time (20% off). I was excited to have them, but then couldn’t bring myself to use them, as they look so pretty. Silly I know. I was told that the Volcanic shade could be used as a blush as well, so double duty, love it. Now I just need a bit of self encouragement to make the first move.

Anyway, if you have been eyeing this collection, grab them when you can. At the display I saw, there were only 2 bronzers and a few shadows left. Pink Star was completely gone, I guess people like pink the most among 3 shades. The Vita-lip Plumping lipgloss didn’t have red tags on, but it’s just a matter of time.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks for stopping by.

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