NOTDs: OPI Starlight collection I

OPI’s holiday collection called Starlight during vacation, so these NOTDs are a bit late. It is a big and diverse collection with different colour tones and finishes, so I’ll break it down in a few posts.

I like the first pairing more than I thought. On the left is Press * for Silver, a rosy silver (more modern and on trend than a pure silver), slightly metallic. Then I added Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Meteorite in the pic on the right.

The glitters are in random odd shapes and different sizes of rose colours, plus dark grey diamond shapes. Not for everyone, but I like it for now 🙂

If you are more traditional, go with I Drive a Supernova, a one coater silver foil, shown on my index and ring fingers. On the exact same tone is By The Light of The Moon on the middle and pinky fingers, but with a bumpy finish because of those silver glitter pieces that can’t peak through the base.

The experiment with the finish of By The Light of The Moon obviously did not turn out well, plus the base is not as opaque, so I recommend I Drive a Supernova if you want a silver.

Then, a trio of reds. Love Is In My Cards, on the index  finger, is a basic blue based red, Ro-man-ce On The Moon, on the middle finger, a shimmery red (the only shade among these 3 that took 2 coats), and Let Your Love Shine, on the other 2 fingers, a glittery dark red that seems to glow from within.

They are all great, don’t get me wrong, but when put together, Let Your Love Shine steals the show for sure. It is dark but still very festive, and wears well. Enough said.

The finish of these shades has been interesting so far, I am excited to try the rest of the collection. Stay tuned for more NOTDs.

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